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Course bookings for individuals - centralised courses

  • by Rob Hart
  • 08 Jun, 2017

We run centralised courses so people can book onto them, rather than relying on their employer to run an in-house scheme

We run centrally organised courses from time to time.  The idea is to allow individual people to book onto them, rather than relying on their employers to provide training for them.  Or perhaps people want to invest in themselves and spend some time and a small amount of cash in improving their capabilities.  So have a look at our 'course schedule' .  For some more info, try our ' Individuals ' page.  Or just browse through our website.  The bookings are done through Eventbrite, a global, reputable booking platform.  The orange buttons on the schedule page will take you to the relevant course.  Alternatively, our Eventbrite 'organisers' page is at .

Manage and Thrive Training's blog

by Rob Hart 19 Jan, 2018

You may have heard of the term ‘goodwill’ when valuing businesses. When considering teams, it can be seen as the intangible factor that means people may go the extra mile when help is needed, to endure some discomfort or inconvenience for a while. Goodwill is a vital ingredient that makes people say “Yes, ok” when you ask them for help at 5pm and they want to go home, or you need to ask them to travel to a distant city at short notice for a client meeting, or compromises need to be made because the sales pipeline has collapsed, or you can’t keep your promises.

by Rob Hart 17 Jan, 2018
We think this book is worth a read, especially if you manage people at some level. 

It s particularly focussed on 'toxic employees' and how they might be treated and dealt with.  It's a little cheesy at times for my liking but I did finish it (quite quickly), and I've recommended it to several people who have 'staff issues'. 

It might not fix all of your problems, but it might give you some ideas.   
by Manage and Thrive Training 17 Jan, 2018
We are starting to use our LinkedIn company page more often.  Why not follow it?  
by Rob Hart 10 Jan, 2018
Read our LinkedIn post about how we are finding GDPR preparation and how it might prove to be a real headache
by Manage and Thrive Training 19 Dec, 2017
We've scheduled in two training courses for individual managers to book onto, in January 2018. 
by Manage and Thrive Training 18 Dec, 2017
Thanks to all those who were kind enough to take the time to let us know what you thought.  
by Manage and Thrive Training 15 Dec, 2017
Terms and conditions can be found at our Referral webpage .    
by Rob Hart 11 Dec, 2017
At some point, the annual ‘employee engagement questionnaire’ is emailed around by an HR manager.  Members of staff are instructed to rate their experience for a number of key aspects. Responses are analysed.  A summary is later sent to senior management, and perhaps the rest of the employees.  For the employee, its forgotten for 12 months, apart from perhaps a brief email about results.  Everyone feels very jolly, miserable or indifferent.
by Manage and Thrive Training 05 Dec, 2017
People are often recruited or promoted into management roles with little or no training and support. The skills of 'doing the job' are one aspect of success (or even just making life a little bit easier for now). Looking and being the part can be as important though.
by Rob Hart 01 Dec, 2017

This course includes elements of project management, time management, team and people management, and other hints and tips. You gain knowledge and skills that you can implement immediately.

This is great for people who are new into a 'management' role, or for those who are being loaded up with more and more 'management' tasks.

Some testimonials:

"A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute."

"Really useful session, and useful to discuss other peoples' experiences."

"With a clear and focused approach this course has helped me to revisit some past management experience, while introducing new strategies, ideas and methods for more successful management practices."

The content is for managers in any sector or business, of any age, at any point in the organisation's career ladder. The benefit that transcends all of this is improving your core skills and knowledge. This benefit can be taken and applied immediately, regardless of the manager's actual specialisation.

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