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Manage and Thrive Training
We develop the best managers
Focussed, time-efficient management and leadership training

Focussed management and leadership training to individuals
Do any of these situations strike a chord with your position?
• You are an employed expert/practitioner, but now have a 'management job'
• You started freelancing but have gaps in your experience and knowledge
• You manage a small business and need to upskill one or two key people
However you get there, you look for help as the 'management stuff' starts to bury you.  Your time for the 'day job', your social life and your family ebbs away.  And you come up against a wall of silence, whether or not it is sympathetic. 
"A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute." Stef M, Service Manager
"Really useful session, and useful to discuss other peoples' experiences." Skye N
Leadership training for business
At Manage and Thrive Training, we believe in providing the opportunity for individual people to access our excellent training as well.  We therefore provide management and leadership training courses for individuals to book onto. So we don't just focus on helping businesses through in-house training, although we do that too!
Our training is about practical, actionable management skills. Each course is discrete, providing you with a complete package. Depending on your needs, you can choose from our menu of options below:
• Project management
• Risk management
• Planning and strategy
• Communications skills
• Sales negotiation and ‘sealing the deal’ 
• How to coach team members
• Team management
• Presentation training
• Leadership development
• Inclusivity training 
In terms of cost, we aim to provide a cost-effective and time-effective opportunity to people, by spreading the cost of a course over the individual attendees. Our approach offers a great Value For Money (VfM) way to attend an excellent course.
Even if your employer provides some support, a constant routine of related training is positive because:
• It helps to ensure that any learning from a longer formal course doesn't disappear into the mists of time
• It can demonstrate to your employer that your are serious about your role and your prospects
• It helps to keep you fresh and engaged
how to be a better manager

How to book onto a course as an individual:
1. Go to our Eventbrite page: look for courses and then book onto one (or more). 
2. Courses are listed in the schedule page - use the navigation bar at the top of the page (drop down under the 'Individuals' page), or click on the green button here to go to the schedule page
The schedule lists upcoming courses which individuals may book themselves onto. It provides details of course title, date/time, and location. Summary details of each course can be found at our Courses page. There is a button for each item which will take you to the relevant Eventbrite page - please make your booking through the Eventbrite page. 

Here are some ways to get started:
Case study: We added a page to cover a Case Study about our flagship course for individuals - the Project Management in a Nutshell course. This gives you an insight into what you can expect and what this course might do for you... how it can help you go from 'just managing' to 'thriving' in your work and personal lives. Check it out now... a PDF version - click here?
Why not ask your employer to pay for this course?  We provide a "Request Letter Template" so you can offer your boss a tailored document to support your request - provide the details, and improve your confidence in making the request.  Go to our 'Request Letter Template' page for a downloadable document, noting the Terms and Conditions associated with it. 
Commission for referrals:   Fancy making £30 each time you refer someone to us, and they subsequently pay for a course?  Please see how it works on our Referral Scheme page. 
For a quick summary of the Manage and Thrive Training approach, and how we can help you, feel free to look at the attached information pack (PDF opens in a new window/tab, or watch the video version)...

What you need to do next...
Invest in yourself – book onto a course, spend a few focussed hours learning essential knowledge, tools and techniques, and kick-start your transition from ‘managing’ to ‘thriving’.
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