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Manage and Thrive Training
We develop the best managers
Focussed, time-efficient management and leadership training

Focussed management and leadership training to organisations
We provide management and leadership training for business and organisations including academic establishments and the not-for-profit sector. We also offer other ‘soft skills’ training, developmental work and workshops that capitalise on training received.
"A truly educational experience, which allowed me to engage with the design of research projects in a more efficient and logical fashion. In academia, we are not generally taught how to manage a project although it becomes fundamental at both design and delivery stages. An interactive and stimulating course to get the basic knowledge and apply it in the real world.’
Dr Dario,Lecturer, University of Bath
Leadership training for business away days
We tailor training to our client’s needs, whether it’s start-up or established SMEs, our training is about practical, actionable management skills. 

We can provide one-off courses or a series of courses as part of a training programme.  Courses can be tailored so each one provides a complete package with its own objectives.  Aims can be adjusted to suit your organisation’s requirements. Depending on your needs, you can choose from our menu of options below:
• Project management
• Risk management
• Planning and strategy
• Communications skills
• Sales negotiation and ‘sealing the deal’ 
• How to coach team members
• Team management
• Presentation training
• Leadership development
• Inclusivity training 
We can also offer 'guest' / 'keynote' speaker services for your away-days and conferences.  

What we believe in:
We provide management and leadership training for organisations that are looking to upskill their teams.  Our emphasis at Manage and Thrive Training is on short bursts of knowledge to enable your team members to go and apply the tools and techniques instantly, and to steer towards creating a more consistent, conducive culture.
The benefits to your business:
Including ad-hoc training benefits your team, even if you already have company-wide or long-term training in place, because: 
• It helps to maintain good will and a perception that the firm 'cares'
• It helps to reinforce learning through repetition
• It helps to prevent 'skill fade' through repeat education events
• It adds a relevant component to away days
• Shorter courses can be used to identify staff with a preference and/or aptitude for a particular management area  
We recognise that small businesses and business start-ups have training needs too:
The best way to get training may be to attend a course as an individual (or group of individuals) rather than engaging us for an in-house session. See our full list of Eventbrite courses here
For a quick summary of the Manage and Thrive Training approach, and how we can help you, feel free to look at the attached information pack (PDF opens in a new window/tab, or watch the video version)...
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