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Referral Scheme

Fancy making £30 if you refer someone to us?
Many individuals find our courses through word of mouth and recommendations. As such, we would like to provide a referral incentive approach, to encourage referrals of people who then pay for a Manage and Thrive Training course.  The Commission is a £30 gift card.  Only one Commission is paid per person referred to us.  For details about how this works, see the Terms and Conditions
Join our list of known sources, and then introduce someone before they do a course.
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Do you know of a business that is looking for management and leadership training?
If you know of a business (or other organisation) that is looking for management and leadership training, please let us know.  We would love to hear about possible leads, especially if you could help us with the introduction.  
We would be happy to discuss the possibility of a referral commission. This could be to you as an individual, or to you as a business.  This would be on a case-by-case basis, so we can't write anything generic here about terms, values, etc. 

 But give it a go, let us know! Use the form above to get in touch, email us, or give us a call.  
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