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Our service leavers page:
Hi, if you are planning on leaving the services soon, if you are going through resettlement, or you are now in civvy street, then congratulations on making the move and good luck.
A note from to service leavers from Rob Hart, founder, managing director and trainer with Manage and Thrive Training:
I added this page to help you to navigate to the website... hopefully having found the page you can now look at the rest of the site.  I thought it is important to provide a specific page for military leavers, based on my own experience and background.  Without going into too much detail (it was a while ago!)... I served in the Army until 2005.  After various types of employment (and lack of it), I decided to share the vast learning and experience provided by the Army, which has been tempered in other walks of life, to managers.
The general ethos is:
(a) to help businesses that need some focussed in-house management training,
(b) to help business start-ups that may have limited time and budget,
(c) and importantly to help those experts (like lawyers, lecturers, doctors, architects, engineers, and the like) who have been excelling in their technical roles, but now find themselves struggling in a 'management' role.
I remain surprised at how little management training and support people are given in civvy street.  It puts into context how even a short spell in the services can really provide a foundation for future managerial roles.  And that includes start-up businesses, working as freelance consultants, or moving into some sort of role in a wider organisation.
That said, the rules are different in civvy street.  And not without good reason.  It is a different place, which needs some care.  So (to use just one cheesy cliché) adapt, improvise and overcome. 

The Manage and Thrive Training courses may be useful to you as follows:
  • Courses are intentionally short, to limit the impact on our busy lives
  • Courses for individuals are intended to offer Value for Money (VfM), by spreading the cost normally charged to a business across the attendees.  Please note that the cost is fixed, it IS NOT dependent on number attending.
  • Courses should be priced to fit in with resettlement allowances (although we are not a 'accredited service provider')
  • Courses generally have under 10 attendees, usually from various walks of life. 
  • Courses occur at informal venues, so jeans and polo shirt are the order of the day, not blazer and tie. 
  • Courses are loosely based on military and other formal structures, but condensed to extract the relevant, useful stuff.
  • The courses use civilian terminology, not military speak.
Our 'flagship' course for individual courses is 'Project Management in a Nutshell'.  The idea is to offer people a basic approach, tools and techniques, to enable them to stand up in front of a room of project staff, and start to plan out the project in a meaningful way.  And that includes the prep work and the job of keeping everything on track.  This session is about learning important bits of the job, not how to pass a test.  That said, qualifications can be handy if only as a filter for certain types of employer.  This course bolsters the formal training and qualification - it hopefully strengthens your appreciation /  application and enhances your confidence and awareness. 

Please keep an eye on the Course Schedule page, which can be reached from the 'Individuals' page.  This provides an indication of what is in the pipeline.  The orange buttons take you to the Eventbrite website.  If you haven't encountered this before, its worth a look, not just at our courses.  Alternatively, go straight to the Eventbrite page if you like.  There are also social media pages which are used to keep in touch with the big wide world (circle icons are below). 
So... if you think the time and cost is worth the investment in your future, please feel free to book onto a course. 
We arrange centralised courses and then post them to the Eventbrite booking platform. Eventbrite is a reputable, global internet platform, which allows us to reach customers and offer a secure booking and payment process.   Click on the orange Eventbrite buttons to go to the booking page for the course which is of interest.
Click the green button to go to the course schedule.  This should provide an insight into when and where the next courses are scheduled.  Feel free to contact us by email to enquire about future courses at
As a final thought:  if a group of you are leaving from the same location and want to arrange a training event at a particular place/time, please email to see if this is viable. 

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